sexta-feira, 4 de abril de 2014

Quero dar-te todo o prazer

Good night kiss.


Je pense que tu aimerais cette caresse

Soft skin giving and receiving pleasure.

Looking for a beautiful glass toy.



I want to see you suited again.

Two starving mouths for just one candy.

What a delicious sensation.


Sometimes I like it rough.

Dessert time!


OMG! The way she pulls his foreskin forward, all the while licking his frenulum and glans. She really knows how to treat his uncut cock. Lucky guy.

I love dessert time!



Soft kiss

Taking you to de edge turns me on.

This may last for a very long time. Everything is well oiled and my fingers are ready to dance around your skin until you can’t hold it anymore.

Get ready to feel all the pleasure you can imagine.

This one brings me very good memories.Want to repeat soon…

What a nice sensation. This makes me shiver.




Lick hubby’s cock sweetie. He luvs it!

yes lick it


My need…

Another way of kissing.

This is one of my favorite games. The way your body reacts to me takes me to the extasy. 

Let my fingers and my mouth do their job, lose yourself into the climax I’m painting for you. I promise it’ll have the most brightful colors of our palette.

You won’t regret it.


I need some of this before I go to work…

Some of this before the test was absolutely great.


Fill your mouth with the esence of lust.

I have just one condition… I won’t spit nor swallow; I rather prefer to share a really naughty kiss right after you cum into my mouth. That will blow my mind, that’s for sure.

Soft touch.


Enjoy your lollypop and I’ll give you more of this.

It’s always a pleasure to have my candy to enjoy after a rough day.

Teasing me…I just want you inside me, but I like this game. I’ll wait and crave for it.

My special lollypop.



I’ll force your throat to give you what I want and you crave.

You know perfectly how deep is my desire…

swinginggoodtime: Where REAL Swingers Meet.




A nice way to sart a new day.Good morning ;-)

Feels great to make you cum this way. 

I want to repeat soon


So hungry and needy…

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