quarta-feira, 9 de abril de 2014

Negro caralhudo seduzindo



"I know I told you before that I wasn’t interested in having a threesome but his friend was visiting from out of town and I didn’t want to be rude."

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My beautiful brunette baby girl can’t wait to clean my cock after I finish pounding her sister’s shit hole.


A job well done for this milf fuckpig. You can see the satisfaction in her eyes. She knows she’s completed her function in life and she’s so happy to have been of service. So pleased Master chose her to cum on instead of one of the younger pets. The piggy swells with pride as Master tells her to lick up all the cum on her face. He must be pleased with her; she knows to be fed his cum is the ultimate reward.


A trained fucktoy salivates when it even sees cum. The ultimate reward for any girl. Once you’re fully trained little sluts, fully addicted to cum, if you see it or smell it but you can’t get to it you’ll start to feel all twitchy and dizzy, like an addict who needs a fix.
Cum addiction can aid greatly in lesbian training. This slut has been hard to train in that regard. She so wants to please her Master but the thought of doing anything with a girl makes her feel almost sick. But once fully addicted all the little slut needed was a fresh load shot onto the other pet’s cunt and she becomes a natural pussy pleaser.
She still hates the thought of being with a girl, but lapping the cum shoots so much pleasure throughout her body, that even when it’s all gone, she keeps licking deep in the other whore’s cunt desperately searching for more. Like a cat licking into the very edges of a bowl. A desperate animal searching every millimetre of those pink wet folds. And as she does, her brain associates the taste of cunt with cum, and a new addiction starts to form. Despite how ‘straight’ she is, soon the sight of a glistening pussy will have her dizzy too, dropping to her knees and begging to service, even though the idea of lesbianism still makes her sick.
She’s in conflict, but she’s trained. And she loves to please her Master, nothing makes her cunt soak itself more. This pleases Him, he decides He’ll start pumping his cumload into her holes and training other reluctant pets the same way. She’ll become the main lesbian trainer. Good little straight fuckpet.


Good job baby!M

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