quinta-feira, 27 de junho de 2013

Maridos ausentes... fodas bem quentes


Mommy went black. Daughter will soon follow.




It was bad enough when your neighbor was coming over by himself to visit your wife every day.  She’d call you at work to tell you that he was there, she’d call you while he was balls deep inside of her and, finally, she’d call you a couple of hours later when he was done with her.
Today he brought two of his friends.  One was thoughtful enough to take videos on her phone and send them to you.
You’re just hoping you don’t get caught jacking off at your desk.
Size matters!


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Suck a black cock, it’s good for you ;) xx


Nothing beats fucking in front of mirrors so you can watch your pussy open wider and slide down on my cock.


oral chica


A cuck’s view, waiting anxiously for your wife’s BBC bull to fill her pussy with his warm creamy cum. After watching his BBC pulse and pump his load, he pulls out and you catch the stream of cum trying to escape her pussy in your mouth, warm and salty. If he is truly Dom, he may slide his BBC into your open mouth for you to suck off the last of his cum. Your wife then lowers her swollen, open pussy onto your face and you eagerly lick and probe with your tongue. You feel just how stretched out her pussy is from being fucked hard and deep by his BBC. This is when you know just how much you love her and want her to be completely satisfied sexually.
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I would love to walk in on my wife doing this! Any suggestions?
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