quarta-feira, 12 de junho de 2013

Corno assistindo


“Is this too slutty dear?” asks your wife as she sucks this guy off.  ”I don’t want to freak you out too badly.”

What’s going on in this pic?  YOU tell ME !


When he came home the husband decided to join in and get mad later…..

I forgot the tickets to the show.  The theatre manager had an idea on how we could be let in.  Hubby agreed wholeheartedly, teaching my mouth a lesson at the same time…


Come on, babe! You can take it all

Ohhhhh, Tumblr!!

Your dime bag is at the end of that cock.  Start sucking.


Watching another woman jack off my hubby was sooooo hot

Mmmm.That DOES sound hot!!

Thinking on the day and imaginationrulestheunivers3


You wanted this Hubby?  Here it is. 
What’s hotter?  Being fucked by three big black cocks?
Having your husband watch?
Having him cum on you first?

When we finally can’t take it anymore, we exit the hot tub and do it right there on the deck in broad daylight!  I ride Rock’s cock,  cumming, while Hubby watches!  When he can’t take it, be pushes his hard cock into my waiting mouth…

Be careful when you say, “No, seriously, you can have anything you want!”You might end up with one Average American Wife on 3 Big Black Cocks!!


Dani Daniels | Erik Everhard | Innocent Until Proven Filthy 11

If it wasn’t enough watching Jim take my pussy, I pulled out Jeff’s cock.  He was hard from watching.  I sucked him greedily, then locked eyes with my husband across the room.
I started to come immediately…!!


When they switched positions, Sheila noticed me.  She seemed MORE turned on!  And so was I.  So I just sat down and watched some more, fingering my pussy & trying to keep up with her orgasms…

You can do it.  If not I put it up your ass.


When are you going to have the guys over again, honey?  Mmmmmm

One at each end and another waiting his turn!! Mmmm.

A minute later, he shows me how he feels about the whole situation!!


World of Erotic Fantasy

I didn’t look down, but I knew it was a LOT.  Enough that the photo would make it to our TV screen.  Enough that my husband would be talking dirty as my hand or my mouth or my breasts slid up and down hard cock, his iron-he’s cock, as he looked at that photo, cumming himself and telling me what a Bad, Bad Wife I’ve been…


Your wife is always trying to get guys to shoot a load on her.


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Oooooooooohh, baby.  Is this how you pictured it?  All this hot cum on you slutty wife’s face…?You got some more for me…?


Pic sperm girls

Someone thought they could tease and Tease and Tease and TEASE.
Someone was wrong.

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