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Tua esposa fode maravilhosamente




A skill most hotwives have to be taught - even though they might never use it with their cuckold!


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Rachel was a stay at home housewife, even though she and her husband Dave didn’t have kids.  After she saw Dave off to work, she would spend the morning at the gym, keeping her petite figure in shape.  One morning at the gym, Rachel was frustrated with her husband.  They had had an argument about something silly, yet again.  
"Is everything okay?" Matt had asked her.  Matt was a trainer at the gym and he was on somewhat friendly terms with Rachel.  Rachel, like everyone else, had assumed that Matt was gay.  He was always hanging around with his “friend” Ryan, they were both handsome and well groomed, and neither one of them hit on any women at the gym.  
"Ugh, just marriage," Rachel said, still sweating from the treadmill.  "You’re luck you don’t have to deal with the opposite sex," she added, nodding towards Ryan.
"Uh, what do you mean?" Matt asked.
Rachel awkwardly tried to explain herself which led to an incredibly embarrassing moment for the both of them.  Matt had to tell her that neither he nor Ryan were gay.  Rachel apologized and blushed furiously before rushing off to the showers.
After a long, hot shower, Rachel decided to apologize to Matt.  He and Ryan were talking at the check in counter, and she apologized to them both.  ”Can I make it up to you guys?  How about lunch?” she offered.  They told her that wasn’t necessary, but she insisted and dragged them to a local casual place.
Ryan and Matt both tried not to bring up the subject of Rachel’s assumption, but ultimately, they had to ask.  ”Why’d you think we’re gay,” Ryan asked finally.
Rachel tried to explain herself without offending either of them, and ultimately focused on how neither of them hit on her or any other women at the gym.  ”I mean, most trainers are usually pretty handsy,” Rachel said, “and definitely most single guys are going to take a shot, even if they see my wedding band,” she said, trying not to sound arrogant.  ”But I haven’t seen either of you make a pass at me or or anyone else.”
"Well, I’d get fired," Matt said flatly.  "They’re really strict about that."
"And he’s my meal ticket," Ryan confessed.  "I don’t actually have a membership, so I can’t afford anyone complaining."
"Oh come on guys.  What about Tyrone?  And Steve?" she said referring to two of the other male trainers.
Matt chuckled.  ”Gay as the day is long.  Both of them.  The manager knows they’re just flirting to get clients.”  Matt sipped his drink and studied Rachel carefully.  ”So would it help if I hit on you?”  Rachel laughed playfully.  ”Seriously,” Matt added, “You are pretty damn hot.”  Rachel was blushing again.
"Damn straight," Ryan added.  "If you weren’t married…" he trailed off.
"Oh?  Is that it?" Rachel asked playfully.  "So it’s because I’m married.  So what if my husband was okay with me fooling around?"  Rachel wasn’t being serious, but in the back of her mind, she knew her husband did have a cuckold fantasy.  She continued to tease the two young men over lunch, and they continued to escalate their compliments and honesty about Rachel’s attractiveness.
"Any day you wear yoga pants," Matt confessed, "I hide behind the counter until after you leave."  He pointed down to his groin, indicating that he had to hide his erection.
"Shut up," Rachel laughed, smacking his arm playfully.
"If that’s not enough," Ryan added, "Matty over her jerks off to you."  Ryan regretting sharing that, especially when Matt punched him in the arm.  They looked at Rachel who was covering her mouth with her hands.  Her eyes were lit up and her smile was peeking around her small hands.
She laughed a little before leaning forward and whispering to Matt, “It’s mutual.”
Twenty minutes later, the three of them were at Rachel’s house.  Ryan drove, with Rachel and Matt making out in the backseat.  As they pulled up to Rachel’s house, she was riding Matt’s cock.  He pushed her off just as he came, shooting cum up her petite stomach.  They hugged each other as they recovered, and then Rachel scampered out of the car half naked.  She threw Ryan down on the white leather sofa and pulled his shorts off.  ”Now it’s your turn,” she said taking his cock into her mouth.
He was hard and wet, so Rachel wasted no time in spinning around and mounting Ryan.  His big, strong hands coaxed her tiny waist up and down as she rode him.  Matt was jerking his cock as he watched Rachel fuck his friend.  He was almost hard again when Rachel waived him over, directing him to stand on the couch.  She took him into her mouth, savoring the feeling of two cocks filling her, and wondering how her husband would react when she told him later.







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