quinta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2013

Carrega fundo e fode bem....

That beautiful moment when you want it so bad…but you don’t want it to end either.

Good form.  High heels, bent from the waist.  Attentive to task.

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Tits out, cock in mouth…winning combo!

Good girl, keep working for it…you’ll catch it eventually…


Wow baby it almost looks an inch Bigger then when we started 2 weeks ago it’s so hard . Now let’s finish your 50 edges and get it locked up ; )


Blowjob Interrupted, Part Three
"I know you’re SO close. Oh BABY— I have REALLY enjoyed sucking you these last two hours…  And you’ve been SO patient with me, as I massaged you with my tongue.  You haven’t ONCE been demanding or aggressive.  Now you’re moaning, and your back is arching, your toes are cracking.  I feel your legs straightening and trembling.  Any moment you’re going to feel the strongest, most satisfying orgasm you’ve EVER had.  Are you ready, Baby?  Are.  You.  Ready.  to.  FINALLY.  Explode, and let me swallow EVERYTHING you’ve got…?  I dunno, though…  Maybe I should just stop now and let you go home to your wife…?"

Ugnh!  Fuck!  Either way, just decide already….please!


Brittney Amber & Cassie Laine - Cassie’s First Time

Yum yum yum!  All night long!


She loves to kiss and suck on the sweetspot till you are begging and crying to Cum


I was never really good at water cooler talk anyway…


— My followers - i.e. BFFs - are becoming perilously adept at making me wet, sticky, and unbearably ruttish ಠ_ಠ —
I close my eyes and imagine your lips kissing and biting mine as your hand wanders slowly down between my legs, finding something else to wrap your lips around. Staring into my eyes with a devilish smile you bite the corner of your lip telling me that you want something, almost looking for permission. With a lick of your pouty red lips, the message is loud and clear without the slightest utterance of words. Seeing your red lips stretched around the pink head sends my blood rushing and soon your lips are gliding gracefully, silently over my slick, hard, lipstick smeared shaft… Platinum locks dancing back and forth across your shoulders…

Skilled and trained.  Don’t lose this one.

Is this how you want to end things today?


Tiffany absolutely loved Mr. Smith’s cum… he was her favorite cum cow.  It was so thick, so warm…so salty sweet… and there was sooo much of it….She would drain his balls to make sure she got all of it…


That looks tasty :)

Heaven for a blowjob addict.


A gift for goonparadise

Ungh!  Want to cum tonight!

No matter how many times she emptied his heavy balls, they always seemed to be full and ready for her. 


You know that sheer, mind-numbing wave of pleasure you get from riding an edge? Won’t be long till you get that just from the taste of a cock slapping against your tongue. Keep stroking.. keep letting the porn into your mind.. keep letting us rewrite you..


"So, we’re done.  Already.  And I really thought we were gonna fuck.  Does this happen to you often?"

Don’t look so sad hun, you still got a nice load on your face didn’t you?

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